Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mmmmm yummy Candles By Victoria

To begin with, I have been a candle lover since I can remember. Candles are something that soothe me and make me happy. I try different candles all the time trying to find different scents and different styles of candles. One day, I was on YouTube and crossed a video that was mentioning someone's favorites. The video mentioned the girl's favorite candles which she referred to them as "Candles By Victoria". I had no idea where those came from or what they were. I decided it was a brand of candle only in this girl's state, which was California so I decided to blow it off and ignore it. Another day came and I watched another subscriber's video on YouTube and she mentioned herself her favorite candles to be "Candles By Victoria" candles. By the I was extremely curious what these candles were. I YouTube'd "candles By Victoria" and found tons of positive videos about them. Not one video went by that spoke negatively about them.
With me being such a lover of candles I decided to visit the website and was instantly bought. First of all, the selection of scents available are more than you can ever believe. There is a scent for EVERYBODY! Secondly, the sizes and looks of the jar are incredibly ADORABLE! I love the looks of the jars the candle wax are in. That bought me even more. Lastly, the prices are amazing for the amount given. I made one purchase instantly and cannot wait to make another. My candles have not even came through the door and I'm ready to make another purchase.
To make it all worthwhile!! ...... If you e-mail or Facebook Victoria, the actual lady who makes these fabulous candles!!!!(not the lady who sells the candle in a store where she has absolutely no idea where the candle came from or what it's made of!!!) she will instantly and so incredibly kindly answer you in a quickie. She seems like a lovely lady and has made me nothing but happy. This might throw my Bath&Body Candles on the backburner. ESPECIALLY when there's a 15% off coupon available, which there usually is. This was a fabulous experience!! You should try it!!

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  1. aww thank you sweetie... I loved reading your experience with CBV.. we are honored to be a part of your home.

    Love, Victoria